Redmile Group Financing $100 Million for Annexon

Earlier this year, Redmile Group was recognized for its contribution to Kymera Therapeutics' $102 million funding. This month, Redmile Group led the $100 million financing for biopharmeceutical company Annexon, Inc.

Redmile Group, a San Francisco-based hedge fund, finances healthcare, biotechnology, medical and life sciences sectors.  Biopharmaceutical company Annexon seeks to develop therapies for degenerative diseases.

The move intends to advance products into clinical trials.

Portfolio Breakdown

Earlier this year, Redmile Group LLC’s venture capital fund exceeded its $675 million target by raising a total of $675.4 million.  On June 29th, Post-IPO Equity BioNTech raised $250 million — $195 million more than last year.

This latest investment includes roughly $...

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