TalaTek Announces Merger with Cerberus Sentinal

TalaTek announces merger with cybersecurity giant Cerberus

Integrated risk management firm TalaTek has announced its merger with cybersecurity company Cerberus Cyber Sentinal. Under this new agreement, TalaTek is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cerberus.

TalaTek will continue operations in Northern Virginia. Additionally, Cerberus will remain based in Scottsdale, Arizona.

New Company Trajectory

This merger continues Cerberus' growing network, as it seeks to expand and diversify its reach.

Baan Alsinawi, president and founder of TalaTek, will become Managing Director for Cerberus. Additionally, TalaTek also will also own approximately 6% of the company's common shares.

David Jemmett, CEO and founder of Cerberus Sentinel, says the merger with Cerberus gives the company access to TalaTek's reach and expertise. “TalaTek’s ... technol...

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