Global Keg Files for Chapter 11, Citing Closed Restaurants and Bars

Global Keg is the largest beer keg rental company in the world. But since COVID-19 has disrupted the economy, the business has been struggling. The company filed for voluntary Chapter 11 protections in late July.

Bars and restaurants -- the largest customers using the company's services -- have either closed indefinitely or been severely restricted. All of this led Global Keg to file for Chapter 11.

The company hopes to restructure its financial obligations, but pending litigation could complicate matters. A lawsuit filed by Lagunitas Brewing Company in February alleges Global Keg failed to return 5,600 of its kegs.

The Ripple Effects of COVID-19

Social distancing requirements mean no more gatherings. Graduations and other events have been scrapped as well. Networking events h...

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