Will Alibaba Invest in Ride-Sharing Company Grab?

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This week, there has been word about multinational e-commerce company Alibaba possibly investing in Singapore-based ride-hailing startup, Grab. The investment will be worth around $3 billion, which will be one of Alibaba's biggest investments since it invested $2 billion in e-commerce company Lazada in 2016, and another $2 billion in 2018.

Founded by Chinese businessman and investor Jack Ma, Alibaba is one of the biggest e-commerce platforms in the world. The company is often compared to US-based e-commerce company Amazon. The company specializes in e-commerce, retail, internet, and technology. Alibaba also has a history of investing in tech companies, including Zomato, Snapdeal and Paytm.

According to reports, if the investment does happen, the company plans to integrate Grab and ...

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