Julie Plouffe Named General Partner at White Star Capital

White Star Capital, a global venture capital firm based in New York, has promoted its CFO, Julie Plouffe, to general partner. After two years at the firm, Plouffe has also been named chief people officer. She is based in Montreal. While JF Marcoux, White Star Capital's co-founder and Managing Partner is also based in Canada, Plouffe is now the second general partner in the nation.

In her new roles, Plouffe will continue to oversee the firm's financial operations on a global scale. She will also lead White Star Capital's human resource efforts. Plouffe's main objective is to institutionalize the firm's processes as they scale. She intends to keep the agility that defines them as a fast-growing firm.

"I am honored to join White Star Capital’s Partnership," she told The Buttonwood Tr...

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