SANUWAVE Registers More Shares with the SEC

On October 5th, SANUWAVE Health, Inc. (OTC: SNVW) filed a preliminary prospectus with the SEC in which SANUWAVE registered more shares. The offering will list 274,666,720 shares of common stock. Of this number, 274,666,720 of the shares are from selling stockholders, and the rest of the shares are issuable upon the exercise of certain warrants. See the prospectus for a more comprehensive breakdown of the warrants. SANUWAVE is not receiving any of the proceeds from the sale of the stocks or the exercise of the warrants. Rather, the registration is part of several deals made in the past between SANUWAVE and different partners, and all net proceeds from the sales will go to the selling stockholders.

Reason for the Offering

SANUWAVE registered more shares as a result of agreements made ...

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