PE Emerging Managers Raise $2.3 Billion in September

PE Emerging Managers Report

PE emerging managers raised more than $2.3 billion in September, according to data tracked by The Buttonwood Tree. Twenty-three emerging funds were in the market during that time.

PE funds had a major lead over VC funds in September, raising about $2 billion more. According to the data, VC funds raised just over $258.8 million on seventy funds.

One PE fund raised well over the billion-dollar threshold. Three other funds surpassed the $100 million mark, while no VC funds were able to raise more than $60 million.

Top Raised Funds

KKR Capital's Asian fund raised the most, raising more than $1.8 billion, according to an SEC filing. The amount was raised through 23 investors. The fund has been having a positive outcome in recent months, raising more than $9.4 billion in Augus...

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