Velodyne Lidar Registers More than 32 Million Shares of Common Stock

Velodyne Lidar, Inc. (NASDAQ: VLDR) has filed paperwork with the SEC registering up to 32,164,576 shares of common stock. The shares registered by Velodyne Lidar include up to an aggregate of 18,282,384 shares of common stock issuable upon the exercise of publicly-traded warrants, and up to 375,000 shares of common stock issuable upon exercise of working capital warrants issued to Graf Acquisition LLC. Velodyne Lidar warrants trade on the NASDAQ under the ticker symbol VLDRW. It also includes the periodic resale of up to 13,507,192 shares of common stock by certain selling stockholders after their lock-up agreements have expired. See the "Selling Stockholders" section of the prospectus for a detailed list of the selling stockholders.

The Deal

Essentially, this deal does two things. ...

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