Hyliion Holdings Corp. Registers Over 144 Million Shares for Resale and Warrants

Hyliion Holdings Corp (NYSE: HYLN) registered 144,267,971 shares of class A common stock for resale and for the exercise of warrants. In paperwork filed with the SEC, Hyliion registered up to 132,637,517 shares of class a common stock, up to 19,185,637 shares of common stock issuable upon the exercise of warrants, and up to 7,555,183 warrants. Hyliion warrants trade on the NYSE under the ticker symbol "HYLN WS." The proposed maximum offering price per share is $23.28, and the proposed maximum aggregate offering price is $3,358,558,364.88.

Use of Proceeds

Hyliion states that they will not receive any of the proceeds of sales of shares or warrants by selling securityholders. However, Hyliion will receive $220.6 million if all warrants are exercised. The company says that it "will have...

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