Triton Acquires HiQ and Majority of its Shares

Triton acquires HiQ through Trisall AB. Consequently, Triton is now the owner of 91 percent percent of the shares in HiQ.

This follows Triton's public offer, through Trisall to the shareholders of HiQ. All of HiQ's shares are to be purchased at a price of 72 SEK per share. As of October 19, 91 percent of HiQ shares comes to 50,871,458 shares. On top of 91 percent of HiQ's shares, Triton also the voting rights of HiQ. On top of the desire to sell the remaining stocks in HiQ, Trisall would also like to de-list HiQ from NASDAQ Stockholm.

About HiQ

HiQ is a leading Nordic digital transformation company with a reputation as one of the strongest technological experts in their market. They are also a leader in application development for R&D. At the core of its business, HiQ pro...

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