Synteract Bought by Syneos Health Inc.

Abry Partners Acquires Majority Stake in HealthEZ

The Greenwich-based private equity firm, Amulet Capital Partners, LP, has sold its portfolio company, Synteract. On October 29, the firm announced that Synteract was bought by Syneos Health Inc.

“This transaction marks the culmination of a very successful partnership with Amulet. Synteract achieved outstanding financial growth and market recognition over the last four years," said CEO Steve Powell. "The Synteract team is very proud of our collective accomplishments. We are honored and humbled that Syneos Health, the leading end-to-end biopharmaceutical product development organization, recognizes the value of our business and our differentiated value proposition to emerging biopharma customers."

Ramsey Frank, Partner and Co-Founder of Amulet said, "We would like to congratulate and...

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