New Chapter 11 Filings, Disclosures: March 15 – March 19, 2021

At least five major companies have either filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection or defaulted on loans during the week of March 15 – March 19, 2021. For the first time this year, there has been a default within the Healthcare sector.

Sources: S&P, the Business Journal, Freight Waves, Bicycle retailer, Mondaq

March 15

Nine Point Energy Holdings Inc. is a Denver-based private gas and oil exploration and production company. Nine Point Energy filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. The company has reported estimated assets and liabilities ranging from $100 to $500 million.

March 16

HighPoint Resources Corp. is an oil and gas exploration and production company. Highpoint Resources filed for bankruptcy after accumulating $765 million in debt last year. The company had...

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