The Master of PREFcards™: An Interview with Chad Ramos, CEO

Chad Ramos, CEO
Chad Ramos, CEO of PrefCards

Inaccuracy hurts your credibility, but a state-of-the-art, cloud-based preference card platform can solve this pain point.PREFcards™ is an innovative, practical software that is accessible via cell phones and tablets. It allows anyone in a hospital facility to easily access, update, manage, print, and share cards.

When 80% of surgeons are unsatisfied with the accuracy of their preference cards, it is time to seek alternatives.

Chad Ramos, Chief Executive Officer of PREFcards™ is an imminent leader and solutions-driven growth specialist leading an incredibly talented team. The team has found solutions to ten factors that contribute to inaccuracies in preference cards.

Chad, a graduate of Utah Valley University, reimagines elements of processes, workflows, and establishes collabora...

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