Homemade Drinks Enjoy Increasing Popularity

Homemade drinks enjoy increasing popularity. This is due to bars and restaurants closing because of COIVD-19 pandemic restrictions. A drink making business that has been impacted by the pandemic is Tammy's Tastings. "My business was teaching in-person cocktail classes up until last March," Tammy Coxen, a professional cocktail enthusiast and the Chief Tasting Officer of Tammy’s Tastings, told The Buttonwood Tree. "It was hugely successful for me, so there was a lot of demand by people wanting to make good drinks at home like they previously had in a bar. It was my busiest year by far."

Even with vaccines in circulation and bars and restaurants opening to as much as 50 percent capacity, Coxen still sees people being interested in making their own drinks at home. "I think now that peopl...

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