Oatly Raises $1.4 Billion in IPO

Oatly, a vegan milk company, raises $1.4 billion in IPO. The vegan milk company's investors include Oprah, Jay Z and Howard Schultz. The company priced 84.4 million shares in the initial public offering (IPO) at $17 each. This implies a valuation for the company of $10 billion.

Oatly's share sale comes in the middle of a crucial juncture for the U.S. IPO market, which is facing significant volatility due to inflation fears that have forced investors to abandon high-growth stocks, focusing on value stocks instead.

The Malmö, Sweden, based maker of dairy alternatives sells its products in more than 20 markets across Europe, the United States and China. Known primarily for its oat milk products, it has tie-ups with several cafes in the United States, including Starbucks. It...

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