Natural Soft Drinks Company Zevia In $200 Million IPO

On Thursday 22nd July, soft drinks company Zevia PBC will go public. They will seek a $200 million IPO with their Class A common stock. They will offer 14.3 million shares with a share price of $13-15. When not taking into account underwriter over-allotment options, the company's enterprise value would be $808 million upon a successful IPO. They expect their float to outstanding shares ratio to be approximately 22.15%.

‘Today's consumers are purchasing brands that align with their values more than any other time in history.’ said CEO Paddy Spence. Consequently, as a Public Benefit Corporation, Zevia seeks to 'not only provide strong shareholder returns, but also to provide a public benefit of health and sustainability.' The money will be used ‘to continue to expand our business, and br...

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