Foresight Concludes Sale Of Poppy and Jacks Nursery Group

Foresight Invests in the Growth of Poppy & Jacks Nursery Group

Foresight Group, an organization of regional private equity and infrastructure listed on the London Stock Exchange, has completed the sale of North West England’s children’s nursery Poppy and Jacks Limited.

The Foresight Group has invested in Poppy and Jacks and other neighboring sectors along with their management team. Managing Director, Sarah Bellamy. And Chairman, Denise Burke, who was the former Chief Executive Officer of the Netherlands childcare nursery called Small Steps, will remain with the company as part of the takeover.

Kids Planet Day Nurseries Limited (Kids Planet) was bought by Poppy & Jacks while it was backed by the investment company, BGF. Kids Planet will substantially contribute to the company’s development. It will also assist in providing an exceptional h...

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