Everything You Need to Know About Tesla’s AI Day

Tesla recently held its Artificial Intelligence (AI) Day.

First announced in June, Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, Inc., began teasing about the second edition of Autonomy Day that launched in April 2019. After a month, Musk announced to his Twitter followers that Artificial Intelligence Day would take place on August 19. He has previously mentioned in Q1 2021, that he wants to position his company as an AI company as much as it’s a car one.

“Tesla AI Day August 19th”, Musk tweeted which resulted in over 100 000 likes.

What to expect from Tesla’s AI Day

Although the public didn’t know what to expect from the event, the invites foreshadowed Tesla’s future; it will be heavily supported by AI technology that covers “beyond our vehicle fleet” as the official invites state. According ...

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