Private Equity Emerging Managers Funds Raised Climbs Towards $5 Billion

Private equity emerging managers raised nearly $5billion in June, according to data tracked by The Buttonwood Tree. During this period, 25 emerging funds were in the market.

Private equity emerging managers saw an increase in funds raised compared to those in the market in both June and May. Comparatively, emerging managers raised $1.3 billion in June, and $4.6 billion in May, as tracked by The Buttonwood Tree.

Top Raised Funds

During the month, eleven funds surpassed the $100 million threshold, almost quadrupling the three funds that surpassed this threshold in June. 

Valhalla Partners raised the most, closing three funds during the month at a total of $2.94 billion. The firms raised this total from three funds: Colony Valhalla Partners II, L.P.; Colony Valhalla Partners ...

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