Herkules Deal-by-Deal Invests $20M in Digital Creatives 99x

Herkules Deal-by-Deal Invest $20M in 99x

Herkules Deal-by-Deal has invested $20 million in digital engineering creatives firm 99x. Scandinavian private equity company Herkules Deal-by-Deal is a leading investment advisory firm. Herkules Capital, Fredrik Bysveen, and Fredrik Kongsli focus on deal-by-deal funded transactions. 

The investment team of deal-by-deal has a solid track record of 15 years in the private equity sector from 18 different portfolio companies of Herkules. 

Last year, the Capital Alliance in Sri Lanka by the 99x team reached out to potential investors by preparing the necessary collateral. As a result, 99x successfully secured a substantial investment in a short amount of time from 22 high-net-worth individuals. Funding also came from tech entrepreneurs and CEOs.

Consequently, the investment added su...

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