Kuwait Hopes Investment From Abroad Will Energise Power Projects

Kuwait Seek Foreign Investors for Power Projects in the Next 20 Years

Kuwait is seeking partners and investors to help in the production of power projects over the next 20 years. These investors are required for projects to the power plants in Al-Zour, Dibdiba, Shaqaya, and Khairan, reports the Kuwait Times.

According to Fadheela Al-Hassan, head of the Kuwait Authority for Partnership Projects, the total expected capacity for the proposed projects amount to 7,500 gigawatts. 

Promoting investment

Kuwait’s public-private partnership program will be used by the built power plants. Consequently, this aims to further the power development by attracting foreign investors, while protecting the financial interests of Kuwait. 

According to the Public-Private Partnership Law (PPP law), 50% of company shares will be given to Kuwaiti citizens. Furthermore...

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