Swift Leadership Changes as Bank of America appoints new CFO

Portland, Oregon, USA - April 27, 2018 : Bank of America in downtown Portland

On 10 September 10, 2021, the Bank of America(BofA) announced swift leadership changes. CEO Brian Moynihan distributed a memo to employees adding five new members to the team. In addition, he named a new chief admin officer, head of technology, and general counsel. He also announced a new head of fixed income and chief financial officer. These leadership changes will further strengthen diversity with services to communities, clients, and shareholders. In addition, according to Moynihan, the head of the global commercial banking unit, Alastair Borthwick, will replace the transitioning CFO, Paul Donofrio.

Focus on Growth

According to the CEO, the move will position BofA with motivated leaders. Leaders that are committed to growth and help the company grow through the second decade. Wh...

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