Ghost Ship Owners File Bankruptcy to Settle with Grieving Families

The Ghost Ship warehouse owner in San Francisco, the Ng family, filed for bankruptcy on 30 April. Victims and their family members sued the Ngs for a deadly fire in the building in 2016. The family planned to liquidate their assets to pay nearly $12 million in settlements.

The Ngs entered plans in bankruptcy court to sell all of their buildings, including the Ghost Ship warehouse. Half of the $11.8 million owed would come from insurance, and these sales would pay the remainder. This would cover most of the cost of the lawsuits. But the victims and their families were disappointed that the Ngs would face no criminal charges for the fire.

Illegal Occupancy

Although the Oakland warehouse was being used for an event at the time of the fire. But it was also home to homeless men and wo...

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