The Tragedy of Sportmart and its Evaluated Bankruptcy

"Nothing lasts forever," says Patty, a former employee of Sportmart. Sportmart is yet another tale of a company going bankrupt after being overshadowed by the competition. Sports Authority climbed the ranks to help put Sportmart out of business in 1995, just as Dick's Sporting Goods helped put Sports Authority out of business in 2016.

What Happened?

Incorporated in the early 1970s, Sportmart seemed to have it all. At the time, the idea of a single store that could hold hundreds of easy-to-find, all-in-one-place sports items was exciting. However, as time passed, Gart Sports would combine with Sportmart in the late 1990s due to fading popularity. Humorously, despite the Sports Authority Inc (founded in the late 1980s) overtaking Sportmart in sales, they would later be forced to merge...

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