Climate Financing in EU is not enough – EU Lawmaker

Climate Change

Addressing an online conference yesterday, European Union (EU) lawmaker Jytte Guteland said the EU should focus on doubling climate financing. Climate finance aims to support the reduction and reshaping of climate change through local, national or transnational financing. This isn’t the first time that “Climate Financing” was bought to the public’s attention. 

US Climate Finance

Last week speaking to the UN General Assembly, President Joe Biden made a promise. He mentioned that developed countries should guarantee that the developing countries received the assistance they require. Requesting the US Congress the President asked $11 billion a year by 2024 which will help developing countries to cut greenhouse gas emissions and confront climate challenges. 


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Alex Perera
Alex Perera
20 days ago

great post.❤️

Teun Holsbeek
Teun Holsbeek
20 days ago

Interesting read on how the eu will tackle the climate crisis. The eu needs to step up and solve the problem together.

Sohan Fernando
Sohan Fernando
19 days ago

Interesting… | 🤔