South Korean Drama and Nollywood Give Hollywood the Blues

Squid Game

The latest survival South Korean drama distributed by Netflix, Squid Game, explosively surged the South Korean entertainment industry stocks. This phenomenon highlights the potential of Korean companies posing a serious competitive threat to Hollywood. These media companies include Siren Pictures, Bucket Studio Co., and Showbox.          

South Korean Stocks Surge

Squid Game is the first K-drama to achieve the No. 1 rank on Netflix in the US. As a result, Bucket Studio Co. has surged more than 70%. Whereas Showbox Corp., whose predecessor invested in Siren Pictures, jumped more than 50% last week.

According to the analyst Douglas Kim, Bucket Studio serves as an indirect beneficiary of the series “Squid Game”. Further, Showbox’s connection remains uncertain since Siren Pictures i...

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