Leonardo the New Caltech Robot With Human Bird Like Agility

Caltech engineers introduced Leonardo or Leo, the bipedal robot with human and birdlike agility. Leonardo is an acronym for LEgs ONboARD Drone.

Caltech is the California Institute of Technology. It is a private research university based in Pasadena, California. The University is renowned for its strength in science and technology.

What makes Leo unique?

Leo is both a robot and a drone. He can fly, skate and even hop. He does not forget tight rope walking. Leo becomes the first robot to exhibit such abilities. Its movements are well-coordinated and complex for a robot. This is because it has propeller-based thrusters and multi-joint legs. The use of both offers Leo a high degree of control and balance.

In a video, Caltech said Leo has multi-joint legs for bipedal walking. This ...

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