Broncus lists on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange

The portfolio company of Qiming Venture Partners, Broncus, has been listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. They received Series A funding from the latter in 2014, followed by investing in B and C. Subsequently, this made Qiming the company's largest institutional shareholder. Broncus is a pioneer in the Chinese interventional pulmonology navigation device market, an industry that focuses on lung-mapping technology.

The company went public with an issuing price of $2.40 (HK$18.7) per share. Consequently, this represented a market cap of nearly $1.3 billion (HK$10 billion). This is the ninth public listing from Qiming's portfolio this year, making it a significant success for the VC firm. Broncus CEO Guowei Zhan said that their IPO is "an important milestone for Broncus."

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