Wall Street Predicts 1.8% US Treasuries by End of Year

The 10-year US Treasuries, a significant economic indicator for assets and the economy itself, went from 1.13% early this August to around 1.61%. High volatile yields amid an inflationary year have come as a surprise to Wall Street. Currently, banks are revising their predictions over US Treasuries.

Usually, yields need to rise in an era where the stimulus program has ended and the economy is coming back on track.

That’s what has been thought by the investors and analysts; yields would top 2% by the end of the year. A rebound can be seen in profits after July 1.20% to today’s 1.61%. And some still believe that the yields will reach around 2%, just like they predicted.

“Treasury yields are too low in the current environment. Markets are pessimistic about the prospects for the eco...

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