Clariant Purchases BASF’s Assets In A $60 Million Sustainable Bid

The headquarters of chemicals maker, Clariant, located in Pratelln, Switzerland.

Swiss specialty chemicals firm, Clariant, said it has signed definitive agreements to purchase the assets of BASF's U.S. Attapulgite business, its German competitor, worth $60 million.

The deal comprises the transfer of land and mining rights, inventories, and the processing facility to Clariant's Functional Minerals Business Unit.

BASF's U.S. Attapulgite business is one of the largest miners and producers of clay materials in North America. The company is acknowledged in the industry for using a combination of strategic location, mine reserve size, and mineral quality.

Clariant is a technology leader in the purification of renewable fuels and edible oils. It helps reduce greenhouse gases and enables chemical recycling of plastics through the purification of biodiesel and...

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