E-scooter Firm Voi Raises $115 Million In Series D Latest Funding

Voi, an e-scooter company that describes itself as ‘Europe’s leading micromobility operator,’ has recently raised $115 million in Series D funding. The funding, let by Raine Group and VNV Global, also included firms such as Inbox Capital, Kreos Capital, Stena Sessan and Nordic Ninja. Leading figures from King, BCG, Avito and more also participated in funding.

A Bigger Fleet

The new funding will allow Voi to continue expanding into Europe’s e-scooter market. This includes adding another batch of Voi e-bikes to the company’s fleet. Voi, in a stated commitment to sustainability, aims to take 1 billion car trips off the roads by 2030. The access to new markets provided by the funding injection gives them greater opportunity to achieve this.

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