NirogStreet Raises $4 Million in New Funding For Expansion Plans

Alternative medicine start-up, NirogStreet, has raised $4 million in funding and CE-Ventures led the series-B funding round. This is a corporate venture capital platform of Crescent Enterprises and ICMG.

Fund Deployment

NirogStreet has received a lot of attention during the pandemic. The start-up was founded in 2016 and offered solutions to the healthcare and wellness ecosystem.

It also offered an innovative solution for Ayurveda doctors who practice alternative medicine. This enables the digitization of one of the most popular medical practices in the world.

There were many participants in the series-B funding round. Google's former executive Gokul Andy Hwang, ex-CEO at Morgan Stanley Ashutosh Sinha and Sysdig (US) CEO Suresh Vasudevan were among them.

The investment will...

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