Apple Is Now Worth $3 trillion


Ever since its launch in 1976, Apple products' sales have skyrocketed around the world.

Three years ago, the company's value stood at $1 trillion. It became the first American company to be worth this amount after over 40 years.

Apple is now worth $3 trillion. As a result, it now makes up 7 percent of the value of S&P 500. Moreover, it holds over 3% of the total value of all global stock markets.

Clearly, consumers value its products.

Pandemic and Apple's Sales

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we work, live, but also consume. During this time, the firm witnessed more investors trusting its stock.

Moreover, many people decided to buy the company's products online. In September 2021, iPhone sales surpassed $100 billion. During the holidays, it sold over 20...

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