Global Logistics Sector See Over $10 Billion M&A activity In Last One Year

The global logistics sector has witnessed a wave of merger & acquisition (M&A) activity in the last one year. The logistics firms are expanding their global footprint by finalising deals worth more than $10 billion during this period.

Swiss-Italian International shipping line Mediterranean Shipping Company acquired 100% of Bollore’s African logistics business and Bollore Group confirmed the same.

Bollore Africa

The MSC Group has agreed to buy Bolloré Africa Logistics for $6.48 billion, Bollore said in a statement. “We have granted the MSC Group an exclusivity until March-end to enable it to submit a put option.”

The deal includes Bollore’s operations at 42 ports and 16 container terminals in the region, which generated more than $2.27 billion in revenues. French conta...

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