AstraZeneca Sees Higher Sales in 2022 After Beating Profit Expectations

AztraZeneca HQ

AstraZeneca sees higher sales after beating Q4 of 2021 profit expectations last month. It raised its dividend for the first time in a decade and expects revenue from COVID-19 products would fall.

The company started making a small profit from its COVID-19 vaccine and scientific findings support their products. Preliminary data show that its antibody treatment and a booster dose of the vaccine work against the Omicron variant.

However, AstraZeneca predicted that sales of COVID-19 products would fall by a low-to-mid 20% this year. Hence, gross profit margins on those products would be lower than the company average.

According to Evusheld, the decline in vaccine sales will likely be offset partially by growth in antibody-drug sales. Moreover, the expectation of the majority of vacci...

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