Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank Lose After $1.9 Billion Sale

The American management company Capital Group caused a strong punishment on the Stock Exchange on Tuesday for Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank. This Punishment occurred after selling its stake in both entities in two operations that amounted up to $1.9 billion. Deutsche Bank securities yield by 8.2% - they fell by 11%, while those of Commerzbank fell by up to 9.4%. Cuts that caused a loss in the market capitalization.

Capital Group Punishment

Capital Group withdrew its stake in both banks after entering its shareholding at the beginning of 2020. It was before the outbreak of the pandemic and the collapse of the markets. Specifically, the manager emerged 3.1% of Deutsche Bank’s capital at the end of January of that year. Weeks later it raised its weight at Commerzbank from 2.93% to 4.82...

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