Start-up Studio Launches its Second Sub-studio


Start-up studio eFounders has launched its second sub-studio, 3founders and they will mainly work with web3 start-ups.

For a decade, eFounders has helped launched 33 start-ups. eFounders collaborates with start-ups that they work with to establish them as successful businesses. So far, eFounders have invested in companies like Aircall, Spendesk, and Front. 

In terms of profit, they have earned $170 million in recurring revenue annually. Overall, eFounders has 2000 employees. 

Start-up studio, eFounder’s founders

Prior to launching eFounders, Thibaud Elziere, co-founder, started Fotolia. Fotolia is a stock photo company that Adobe acquired. The other co-founder, Quentin Nickmans, used to be a consultant for Boston Consulting Group and CEO of Eating Desk. 

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