Staying Focused is the Big Step VC And PE’s Must Consider

Pictures Credit: By Jo Szczepanska Via Unsplash

Inflation is running at its all-time high since the early 1980s, where it was around 13.5%. Federal Reserve’s Target rate is 2% but the consumer price index was up 8.5% YOY in March 2022, more than expected of 8.4%. The Producer Price index of US stood at 15.7% as of April 2022.

In contrary to rising prices, the Fed increased the short-term interest rates by 75 basis points. Thus, it is further expected to increase by 200 bps by the year end.

VC & PE’s Taking U Turn

Last year, Venture Funding has broken all the records of investments, globally. Crunchbase data showed investments in 2021 were more than 10X compare to a decade. Globally VC investment was at $643 billion compared to $335 billion in 2020, which marked 92% growth year over year.

According to Crunchbase, more th...

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