Germany And Africa are Casting Their Eyes On Energy Ties

Pictures Credit: By Mahesh Kumar Painam via Unsplash

Germany wants to discard the Russian oil, gas for good and find new source of energy and Africa is abundant in fossil fuel reserves. The German-Africa energy committee is building the mutual partnerships for new energy sources.

During German-Africa Energy Forum in Hamburg, the topic that was highlighted was about the Africa’s abundant oil and gas reserves.

In 2017, African continent reported 148.6 trillion cubic-meters of proven gas reserves which is more than 7% of global reserves. Whereas, In 2019, Nigeria led the exports of more than 2 million barrels per day of crude oil in international market. As a result, Africa’s oil and gas production reached to 327.3 million metric tons.

Russian Energy Power

With a sixth package of EU sanctions targeting Russian oil, Germany is look...

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