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The Buttonwood Tree is a digital business newspaper covering high finance. The Buttonwood Tree got its name from the Buttonwood Agreement of 1792. Under a buttonwood tree stockbrokers aimed to organize the trading of securities in New York creating the New York Stock Exchange. It is the birthplace of Wall Street as we know it today.

Furthermore, The Buttonwood Tree is a premium media service covering news in all fields of high finance. Our main categories are as follows:

  • Investment Banking
  • Bankruptcy
  • Venture Capital
  • Private Equity
  • Central Banking

Subscribers gain access to all of The Buttonwood Tree categories, enabling readers to leverage industry insights and news in the various fields of high finance. Sourced and written with a devotion to facts by the dedicated team of Buttonwood Tree journalists covering all industries.

Our mission is to seek out and breakdown large financial transactions in order to keep our readers informed of the most impactful events in the business world.


Our purpose, is to be the go-to source of information to any business interested individual that yearns for reliable, quality content. We hold our writers, contributors, editors, and interns to highest level of journalism ethics. The Buttonwood Tree ethical standards are mandatory for any and all content that is affiliated with our digital newspaper.

We ensure editorial integrity in a multitude of ways that are simple and easy to follow. We uphold this integrity by avoiding or disclosing any potential conflicts of interest. Having a zero tolerance policy for any inaccurate or false news, errors and mistakes are corrected immediately once the company is made aware. We ensure all titles are reflective of the content each articles contains. The Buttonwood Tree does not have a tendency for opinions or reviews, though if such content is produced, we ensure that the pieces are marked as such.


Dear Reader,

We focus on giving you real news. “No opinions. Just facts.” Our goal is to be your go-to business newspaper for the latest coverage of high finance. We offer more than just headlines or the events of the day. Our digital newspaper always provides industry insights made up of reoccurring articles on a monthly and weekly basis. These industry insights come in the form of comparing industry patterns, new developments of change, and breakdowns of similar prior events for readers to formulate their own opinions.

By providing more, we feel the value of content we offer is more than informing our readers of what happened today, but a broader make up of facts revealing larger scopes of information.

As a result of our commitment to adding additional value, we are always eager to hear from our readers. Yes, you. The Buttonwood Tree wants to know what our readers like and what they don’t. If you have any suggestions or complaints, we are keen on hearing them all. Feel free to contact us anytime. In addition, if there is additional feedback or information you would like to provide us with, please take a minute (no more) to fill out a survey here.

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24 stockbrokers outside of 68 Wall Street signing the Buttonwood Agreement to organize securities trading in 1792, New York