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Packaging industry

AZZ Inc Acquires Precoat Metals from Sequa Corporation

AZZ Inc., an international supplier of coating products, welding solutions and engineering services for infrastructure, has acquired Precoat Metals at $1.28 billion....
Asymmetric information

The Applicability of Asymmetric Information in the Markets

The lemon theory was coined by Akerlof and it offers a deep insight into asymmetric information between consumers and producers. This theory...

India Kowtows to International Pressure, Relaxes Wheat Export Ban

On May 13, India banned all wheat exports with immediate effect after a heatwave affected the crop. India, the world's second-largest wheat...

Limited Abortion Access: An Economic Cost to the US

Women losing abortion access in parts of US comes as a concern for the US economy. Reproductive rights activists and economists are...

The Influence of Russia-Ukraine War on Middle East

All the world has been affected by the Ukraine-Russian war. However, Egypt is worst hit as it imports 30% of wheat from...

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Squarespace all set to go public

US Fuel Crisis Eases After Cyber Attack

The US fuel crisis eases as Colonial returns to normal after last week’s ransomware attack. This attack shut down America’s largest pipeline...

 Kinder Chocolate Factory Shut Down Over Salmonella Outbreak

Belgium’s food safety authority, AFSCA, ordered the closure of a Kinder chocolate factory owned by Ferrero. The decision comes after its links...
Pfizer Developed new Covid Pills

Newly Discovered COVID Pills Go Hand-in-Hand With Vaccines

Amid the Covid rush for the next wave, pharmaceuticals are on a quest to find more medicative loopholes against Coronavirus. Earlier this...

777 Partners land new investment in South American football club

Vasco Da Gama is a famous football club from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, which will become part of the 777 Partners portfolio.

Air Traffic Controllers and PANSA Sign Pact in Poland

After months of negotiations, The Polish Air Navigation Services Agency (PANSA) and representatives of air traffic controllers reached an agreement on wages...