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Buffet Restaurant Chains Face Uneven Paths to Recovery

Despite the recent declines in new cases, waves of COVID-driven effects continue to persist across the restaurant sector. Since the early phase...
Airlines recover from COVID distress

Airlines Begin to Rebound from COVID Distress

Tourism was hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. In particular, airlines experienced distress. Travel in and out of state was practically non-existent...

California Wineries, Restaurants Reveal Plans for New Normal in the Wake of COVID-19

When COVID-19 arrived in the U.S. just over a year ago it pushed California wineries and restaurants to be creative. Social distancing...

Godiva to Close all North American Stores in March 2021

Godiva will close all 128 of its stores in the United States and Canada by the end of March 2021. Decreased demand...
Distressed Assets

Distressed Asset Report: February 2021

While the Consumer Discretionary sector continues to face turmoil, most private equity portfolio companies appear to have cleared the worst the pandemic...

Distressed Steak ‘N Shake Narrowly Avoids Bankruptcy

Like many other restaurants, Steak 'n Shake became a distressed dining facility due to COVID-19. But similar to the brands that have...

Bleak Outlook Continues for Distressed Hotel Industry amid COVID

The leisure and hotel sectors continue to be among the industries most affected by the raging COVID-19 pandemic. Social-distancing requirements, travel restrictions,...
Distressed Assets

Distressed Asset Report: January 2021

As the calendar changes and COVID continues its assault on the overall economy, private equity firms must manage their distressed portfolio companies.

AMC Successfully Avoids Bankruptcy with New Funding

AMC Entertainment was granted a new lifeline after months of bankruptcy projections. The company announced on Jan. 25 that it has raised...

Dim Outlook for Sears, Kmart in Changing Retail Space

COVID-19 forced many retailers in 2020 to close stores, file for bankruptcy, or both. While Sears and Kmart, both of which had...

Recent Articles

Blackstone Climbs Up Financial Growth In The Second Quarter 2021

The leading investments management firm, Blackstone Group Inc., on Thursday, 22nd July 2021 reported their 2nd quarter 2021 investor call.

Aleks Larsen Is Banking On A New Partnership at Blockchain Capital

Blockchain Capital has promoted former investment banker Aleks Larsen to partner. The first of its kind, the San Francisco-based company specializes exclusively...

Controversy As Chinese Splash The Cash Taking Control Of Two British Firms

Chinese investors have positioned themselves as major players among UK startups with two consecutive takeovers in the past week.

Climate X Gets $1.5 Million In Funding To Help Companies Towards A Cleaner Future

Climate X, a London-based startup focusing on assessing the risks of climate change to assets, gaines $1.5 million in pre-seed funding.

Most Popular

Lone Star Acquires McCarthy & Stone

Lone Star acquires McCarthy & Stone in a £630 million all-cash deal. Subsequently, the London-based retirement home builder's shares increased 43 percent...

E-Commerce Expert Shogun Gets Series C Funding to ‘Democratise Web’

Ecommerce experience platform Shogun has secured $67.5 million in Series C funding
Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen U.S. Economy

France, U.S. Agree on Pushing Cross-Border Tax Reform

French Finance Minister Bruno Le Marie and U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen agreed to seek an international agreement on cross-border tax reform,...

Confluent Confidentially Files for IPO

Confluent, a real-time event streaming platform, confidentially files for IPO by submitting a draft registration statement to the SEC. The offering will...

Godiva to Close all North American Stores in March 2021

Godiva will close all 128 of its stores in the United States and Canada by the end of March 2021. Decreased demand...
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