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Increase in Food Prices Becomes the “Latest Global Pandemic”

Over the past few months, food prices have continued to rise steadily in what some analysts have termed the "latest global pandemic."

Seedrs Opens Up Access To Deals With New Private Deal Room

UK-based online investment platform Seedrs launched its new feature called Seedrs Private Deal Room. The part provides sophisticated investors and high net...

Egypt to Impose Controversial Tax on Bloggers

The Egyptian Tax Authority has announced that it would impose a tax on bloggers and YouTubers. The new...
Climate Analytics

Climate Analytics Firm Raises $54 M in Funding Round

Jupiter, a climate analytics provider, has recently raised $54 million in a Series C funding round. Clearvision Ventures and MPower Partners co-led...

Hair Removal Firm, Milan Laser, in $100 Million IPO

Laser hair removal company Milan Laser has announced on 15 October that it has filed to go public with the U.S. Securities...

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SOURCE: thestreet.com

State Street Announces $3.5bn Acquisiton to Challenge the Sector

State Street announced that they would be acquiring Brown Brothers Harriman for $3.5bn. The announcement was made on 7 September.

Jessica Alba’s Honest Co. Seeks $1.5 Billion Valuation in U.S. IPO

On Monday April 26, Jessica Alba's Honest Co. announced that it is aiming for a valuation of more than $1.5 billion in...

Mass Transit in Distress Nationwide, ‘Death Spiral’ Threatens its Future

Since the rise of COVID-19, transit agency officials across the U.S. have been resorting to drastic measures.  Officials see...

3D Printing ICON Gets $207M for Building Homes on Earth and Beyond

On Tuesday, ICON, a startup building homes using their advanced construction technologies, announced that they had received $207 million in a Series...

Capitol Investment Corp. V to Go Public in $300 Million Deal

Capitol Investment Corp V has filed paperwork with the SEC announcing its IPO. In their IPO registration, Capitol Investment Corp V has...